Tuesday Mixed Main Event - 
Ashley Waye, Rob Retchless, Jackie Yip, Tom Schmidt

Womens Main Event - 
Susan Tschirhart, Shana McEachren, Julia Niece, Cashlyn Teggart, Kellie Krake

Mens Main Event Champion -
Greg Balsdon, Guy Racette, Karl Klos, Peter Stecyk, Conor Joudry

Friday Mixed Main Event Champion - 
Laura MacKay, Rob MacKay, Johanna Lenz, Steve Grant, Heather HIrd, Aaron Carballo

Sunday Mixed Main Event Champion - 
Lorale Maclean, Scott Picket, Cindy Sranko, James Mallany

Monday Open -
Douglas Henderson, Peter DrVries, Stuart Anderson, Jesse Stever

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Upcoming Events

07 Dec 2019;
08:45AM - 07:00PM
Turkey Spiel
08 Dec 2019;
09:00AM - 06:30PM
Riverdale League
08 Dec 2019;
06:45PM - 08:45PM
Sunday Night Mixed
09 Dec 2019;
01:00PM - 03:00PM
Sociables Curling League

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